The Complete Milk
Management Solution

Mission Statement

AgrosMilk is the defacto standard for the milk collection industry. Using AgrosMilk technology will give our client an advantage over their competitors that will act as an enabler to their growth. It will increase communications with your members and provide a platform to rationalise cost out of the processing value chain making you stronger financially

Our Strategy

Is to create a leading milk collections platform which allows our clients to leverage technology in order to gain strategy advantage over their competitors through proximity to producers/suppliers, efficiency in supply chain, improvement in quality and effective communication.

AgrosMilk is a specialist in the European market servicing some of the largest dairies with a proven track record in delivering our solution in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Nordics, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Luxemburg

Comprehensive Features

AgrosMilk is a leading-edge solution covering all aspects of Milk Management. The control of Member Records, Milk Assembly, Customer Invoicing, Quality Testing, Milk Valuation, Quota and Farm Assurance is modularised into one single integrated solution.

Benefits of AgrosMilk

  • Multi Device
  • Security Reliability
  • Management Reporting
  • Leading-Edge Technology
  • User Friendly
  • Security Audit


Covers payments – Billing, rules, schedules and statements. AgrosMilk facilitates many complex payments to the farmers and we are the only provider with the software that can deliver complex Milk payment calculations which took several years to develop and test. Users can easily and quickly do adjust to payments and this feeds directly back into the MRM system in real time with an advanced look and feel and easy to use UI


Manages the delivery process, ensuring products reach customers efficiently. Full Route Information from the Meter/Tanker is recorded on the system. All Collection Information and performance from the Meter can be analysed. AgrosMilk provides a comprehensive solution to Tour Management

Simply but powerful

Powered by Oracle APEX, our software is developed via a ‘mobile first’ approach and our platform can be deployed on premise or in the cloud – you choose. The technology promotes process optimisation for users and ensures farmers always have up to date information across any device.

This enables:
• Scalability and flexibility to respond to changing customer requirements
• Reduced cost of ownership and faster return on investment for clients
• Enhanced security and protection of data
• In-built disaster recovery and greater service uptime (more than 99%)
• Streamlined support for faster turnaround times

Mobile App Solution

AgrosMilk Mobile allows farmers to use self-service applications on smartphone and tablet devices. Because it is deployed using the power of the Web, it is accessible from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi, 3G or other data networks.

Easy to use

A growing community

The main reasons for AgrosMilk’s market penetration, growth and ongoing success is down to our technology, our experienced people and our rapid deployment delivery model. We built strong partnerships with our customers to ensure we deliver exactly what they need to unlock benefits for them.


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Delivering our solution in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Nordics,
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