The Complete Milk
Management Solution

AgrosMilk was established in 1982 with the goal of providing integrated Milk Management solutions to leading organisations. Since then Agros has grown to become a market leader in the Milk Management field. The company has several hundred man-years expertise with particular emphasis on Milk Management solutions.

Comprehensive Features

AgrosMilk is a leading-edge solution covering all aspects of Milk Management. The control of Member Records, Milk Assembly, Customer Invoicing, Quality Testing, Milk Valuation, Quota and Farm Assurance is modularised into one single integrated solution.

Benefits of AgrosMilk

  • Multi Device
  • Security Reliability
  • Management Reporting
  • Leading-Edge Technology
  • User Friendly
  • Security Audit

Simple but powerful

The Milk Procurement process involves several groups including Farmers, Hauliers, Laboratories and Customers. The key to successful Milk Management involves ensuring a seamless transition between each of the groups and processes, through to final delivery to the customer. With this in mind, Agros have developed AgrosMilk, a single integrated solution catering for all aspects of Milk Management.

Mobile App Solution

AgrosMilk Mobile allows farmers to use self-service applications on smartphone and tablet devices. Because it is deployed using the power of the Web, it is accessible from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi, 3G or other data networks.

Easy to use

A growing community

The main reasons for AgrosMilk’s market penetration, growth and ongoing success is down to our technology, our experienced people and our rapid deployment delivery model. We built strong partnerships with our customers to ensure we deliver exactly what they need to unlock benefits for them.


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